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We have operated since 1956 as customs brokers in all customs in Argentina and we have become one of the largest and most prestigious operators.

Inadequate administration of the customs process will lead to unplanned costs and an invaluable waste of time.


Issue of all necessary documentation in the customs process.


Maximum speed at the customs clearance of the goods transported


Identification of opportunities to reduce operation costs.


Customer orientation on customs tax treatment

Analysis of documents prior to shipment from copies provided by the Customer.

Issuance of the Certificate of Origin

Presence in all Customs of the Country

Pre-calculation of funds and anticipated expenses, with elements disaggregated separately

Vast experiencie handling big projects and entire factories.

Completion of all procedures along with the Internal Revenue Service and other inspection bodies necessary for the specific process.

Delivery of all documents to the carrier for the transit of the merchandise after the release.

Follow-up, whenever the parameterization indicates necessary, of the physical inspection of the merchandise at the time of customs clearance.

Sending documents to the importer / dispatcher abroad.

Completion of the entire process, including presentation of the service invoice and complete report of the movement for verification and control of the exporter, in addition to original receipts and documents.

Presentation of the clearance for the customs authority, clearance effectiveness, release of the goods transported.

Possibility of data integration (EDI).

Integral accompaniment of all processes with follow-up, to be made available via internet.

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