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4PL Integration Solutions

Integrates logistics and third-party agents (processes, people and information technology) resources to plan, build and manage a chain supply chain optimized for its customers.

The 4PL assumes the management of the logistics process independently of transport, warehousing, or customs brokers suppliers, partially or totally integrated in the value chain. The 4PL is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), which adds value, allowing the customer to focus on activities-end of your business.


Substantial reduction of costs

Direct economy through logistical resources and consolidation of transport costs, avoiding unnecessary costs


Acting on behalf of the client focused in the implementation of its strategy.

Contact Central

Coordination of the various service providers, establishing a unique communication channel with the client.

System integration

Integration between the customer information systems and Vaclog, regardless of the technological platform used by the customer.

Common Policy

A substantial increase in collaboration between the various actors in the supply chain, with common policy as a useful tool for coordination and control of all parties involved.

Greater Productivity

A central managing all the logistical demands by your company ;; na central managing all the logistical demands by your company.

Continuous improvement

Periodic strategic review to identify opportunities for improvement and cost reduction.

Visibility and Data

A structure dedicated to the collection of logistic information, offering high level of visibility of the merchandise and production of KPI of success for its business.

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