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Ocean Freigth

Agility, safety and flexibility in the maritime mode

Regardless of the size of your business, the VacLog team is prepared to present flexible and diversified solutions to optimize your cargo shipping. With proven experience and years of relationship with leading global shipping companies, VacLog offers access to the world’s leading ports with the best transit times and high availability.

Wide range of services in maritime modalities

LCL), port-to-port, door-to-door, design load, break-bulk and RO-RO (Roll On-Roll OFF). VacLog takes care of all the logistics processes of the transport of loads of your business. By working with VacLog you are sure to have to:

  • Better time-cost relationship;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Flexible programming.

LCL (less than cargo container)

VacLog offers optimized transport solutions with competitive costs, high availability and tracking.
Loading from the point of shipment to your final destination, conferring security and tranquility for your business.

FCL (Full Container Load)

VacLog’s FCL solutions have years of relationship with leading shipping companies, ensuring compliance with leadtimes, high capacity, flexibility, reliability and regular shipments for the world’s major ports.

VacLog has the international network of freight fowarders, The Cooperative Logistics Network, which allows greater negotiation of the values, making it possible to compare and analyze the best price, transitor time and service.

All VacLog suppliers are duly approved by the ISO 9001 quality system.

Shipping to companies of all sizes

With a proven track record of serving businesses of all sizes, VacLog offers end-to-end logistics services to key industries..

  • Dry
  • Heavy
  • Design
  • Chemicals
  • Liquids
  • Refrigerated
  • Dangerous

Dangerous cargoes are transported in special units, suitable for this purpose.

VacLog consolidates its knowledge of maritime transport with its experience and capacity in transport by road, air and rail, offering a multimodal service of high added value, always aligned with the objectives and needs of the customers.

High level service

VacLog has an experienced team of freight specialists in the maritime sector, offering tailor made solutions for the specific transport needs of your company.

Through clear communication, relevant guidelines and dedication in tracking their load, these specialists ensure the good coordination of all logistics process.

The efficiency in the transport of loads is a critical factor for the success of any business.

Each time your company is served by VacLog, you will be assured of the highest level of customer service, agility, efficiency and care in the handling of the merchandise. Factors that make the reference vaccine in transport solutions in the maritime mode.